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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Bug 47413 - difference in composite ${a}${b} EL expressions between 6.0.18 and 6.0.20
Date Mon, 27 Jul 2009 20:10:47 GMT
Konstantin Kolinko wrote:
> but to fix the second one there, I need to generate JSP code that
> coerces the string value to the expected type according to EL coercion
> rules.
> I do not see how to easily implement that.  Maybe somebody has an idea?

Some thoughts in-line.

> 1) EL coercion rules are best implemented by
> o.a.el.lang.ELSupport.coerceToType(obj, type),
> but as far as I understand catalina.policy, a JSP page is not allowed
> to call that class.


> Either a wrapper method should be added (where?), or the policy be changed.
> JspRuntimeLibrary.convert(String,String,Class,Class) in package
> o.a.jasper.runtime
> looks similar to what is needed, but actually it is wrong:
>  when converting to a Boolean value it interprets "on" as true, but
> according to EL rules that should be false (as Boolean.valueOf("on")
> is false).
> I think that it serves some other purpose.

The only place I see that code being used is in o.a.j.c.Generator. I am pretty
sure than is a bug that needs to be fixed. It has been like that since the very
first Tomcat 3.0.x code import but I can't see any good reason in the specs for
converting "on" to true.

> Generator.GenerateVisitor.convertString(Class, String, String, Class,
> boolean) in package o.a.jasper.compiler  does conversion at compile
> time, not at run time. I won't like to reimplement all those
> conversion rules.

+1 :)

> 2) Alternative way:
> The comment in Generator.attributeValueWithEL() says that this method
> is needed to prevent unescaping of literals that are outside of EL
> expressions, as blindly passing them over to EL processor will result
> in unescaping.
> Maybe we can double-escape those literals, so that when EL processor
> performs their unescaping it will restore their original values?
> If so, we can create one composite EL expression and pass it over to
> EL processor, and it will evaluate it and perform all necessary
> coercions.
> Is this a plausible route to resolve this?

I looked at this when I worked on the EL Parser issues. If memory serves me
correctly this had issues around correctly handling unescaped sequences like
'\$', '\\$', '\\\$' etc. You may have better luck than I did.

> What escaping is meant there? Is it \$, \#, \', \" ?

You'll also need to escape \.

Overall, I think a solution based on
JspRuntimeLibrary.convert(String,String,Class,Class) is the way to go. That
said, you are the one doing the work so feel free to ignore me ;)


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