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From Maarten_D <>
Subject Why was the behaviour of ResourceBundleELResolver
Date Wed, 15 Jul 2009 14:58:37 GMT


In response to, the
Tomcat code was patched and 6.0.20 has now reverted back to the old
behaviour of throwing an exception for every element in a resource bundle
that can't be found.

Personally, I find this unfortunate. The "new" method of simply outputting
the key name surrounded by ??? was much easier to develop with. It used to
be that you could implement your page, and already put in the keys you
needed, and still have it render (just with the ???foo?? strings). Then,
when you were done with the layout/code, you could copy/paste all the ???
keys into the props file and fill them out. Now, even the slightest typo
will result in an exception, which means that you either have to take out
the key temporarily, or fix the props file immediately and, here's the
kicker, restart your webapp. The old "new" way (just surround the keys with
???) was a lot better for development.

Also, should any errors sneak their way into your production app, I think
it's better to render a page that might have some "???" somewhere (if the
text is even visible) rather than knocking the user over the head with a
stacktrace/error page. I realize that you should check your apps for errors,
that this scenario should never take place, etc. etc., but the fact is that
it does happen, and throwing an exception for a missing resource bundle key
seems a little draconic.

So, my question is, why was the behaviour of ResourceBundleELResolver rolled
back to what it was in the 5.5 branch? What's so terrible about the "???"
method that it warrants the hit that developer productivity takes when you
start throwing exceptions instead?

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