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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release build 4.1.40
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2009 10:56:52 GMT
The copyright year in the NOTICE files in the binary archive is still
2008; surely it should be 2009?

The connectors/NOTICE file in the source archive is wrong.

There are no NOTICE files for the jasper and servletapi directory sub-trees.
It would be better to have a single N&L file at the top of the
directory structure, but failing that, each sub-tree needs the proper
N&L files.

The binary tgz and zip archives agree with each other.

The source tgz and zip archives are different. The binary files (*.exe
and *.bin) are corrupted in the tgz archive. Also there are additional
EOLs at the end of many source files in the tgz archive. There seems
to be a bug in the packaging of the source files in the tar.gz format.

The apache-tomcat-4.1.40.exe fails for me when trying to install a
Full release on WinXP:

It starts by saying it has found a Java development kit, but later on
fails with the message:

Couldn't find a Java development kit on this computer. Please download
one from

The last line in the installer dialogue is "Created uninstaller: ..."

There seem to be a lot of files missing from the installation compared
with the binary zip archive, but that is probably due to the premature
failure of the installation.

IMO the release is broken.

On 16/06/2009, Mark Thomas <> wrote:
> The candidates source tarball and derived binaries are available here:
>  According to the release process, the 4.0.40 tag is:
>  [ ] Broken
>  [ ] Alpha
>  [ ] Beta
>  [ ] Stable
>  Mark
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