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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 46902] LoginValve to bypass restrictions of j_security_check
Date Thu, 07 May 2009 02:08:12 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Christopher Schultz <>  2009-05-06 19:08:09
PST ---
A few questions:
1. Why can't the "redirectAfterAuth" path be within the protected space?
2. Why do you check to see if the request URI /startsWith/ the
   redirectAfterAuth instead of being equal to it?
3. Why are you checking to see if characters 10 - 16 of the request URI
   are "y_check". Why not check for the whole "j_security_check" string?
   Why not check the /end/ of the request URI for j_security_check,
   since the URI for j_security_check is not required to be
   /j_security_check but pretty much */j_security_check?
4. Why are killing the session if the authtype is null?
5. Why does your valve pass-through any requests before the component
   has "started"? Is there a valid use case where NOT performing these
   checks and redirects is appropriate?

It appears that your valve does nothing but murder the session and redirect the
user if authtype=null and you are requesting a resource from a particular URI
space. This does not seem particularly useful.

Maybe I'm missing something subtle.

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