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From Sharmistha jat <>
Subject Re: gsoc project - Tomcat proxy [query]
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2009 19:04:16 GMT
 So, now i would try to install a tomcat cluster and make a simple
servlet proxy [reverse] for it, then add in load-balancing logic to it
[other parts like filtering n caching can be seen later]
  thanks for your help, its really helped me to see the project more clearly.

>A Tomcat-based reverse proxy with a pluggable load balancer would be
>/huge/ in my opinion.

>Having to resort to Apache (or a hardware load balancer) to distribute
>load across multiple Tomcats is /really /unfortunate.

>What's needed is a high-performance Java-based proxy load balancer that
>makes it easy to get at the balancing algorithm.  This should support
>use cases like balancing new requests to the backend that currently has
>the fewest active sessions or to avoid any backend which is in a
>low-memory state, for instance.

>Trying to hack this sort of thing into mod_proxy_balancer or mod_jk is
>just so much harder than doing this sort of thing in Java.  Plus there's
>the benefit of "build once run anywhere", i.e. cross-platform binaries.

>Jess Holle

>P.S. Caching at this level is quite uninteresting to me -- but could
>seemingly be added via servlet request filters assuming the reverse
>proxy was itself done as a servlet.  Ideally the reverse proxy would
>even be portable across servlet engines and designed for exposure via
>JMX.  [I say "designed for" as it seems everyone has their own way of
>actually /doing/ JMX MBeans -- Tomcat uses Modeler and others use
>something different.  Me?  I prefer just subclassing StandardMBean --
>but with my own value-add subclass thereof, of course :-)]

>jean-frederic clere wrote:
>> Sharmistha jat wrote:
>>> Dear All,
>>> I have applied for tomcat proxy project, but i needed a little more
>>> information than given in the project idea, to start with the design of
>>> proxy.
>>> So i would like to know more about the following:
>>> 1) Type of proxy [reverse,content filter,caching etc].
>> Just a reverse proxy.
>> For the content filter I think you mean soemthing like the ProxyPass
>> and ProxyMatch of httpd, do you? If yes some filtering would be nice.
>> Caching is interesting but not a requirement for a reverse proxy (you
>> can have the static resource locally and server them locally).
>>> 2) Use [intent]
>> The use would be to front-end TC or cluster of TC. httpd does that but
>> the code is in C and it is a lot of work to have JAVA based
>> administration (JMX for example). The proxy should support HTTP and
>> HTTPS and could support AJP if you want.
>>> I have studied a number of servlet proxies like  j2ep, noodle & Http
>>> Proxy
>>> Servlet in past days.
>>Could you write a wiki on that? (Somewhere in

         i guess u mean writing wiki about proxy servlet
         will give my best shot to it, but would borrow 3-4 days for the task.
>> Cheers
>> Jean-Frederic
>>> And was puzzled about my intent of making proxy and its designing
>>> thereof.
>>> So, please guide me a little bit about this.
>>> Thanks
>>> Sharmistha

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