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From Jess Holle <>
Subject Re: gsoc project - Tomcat proxy [query]
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2009 14:31:43 GMT
A Tomcat-based reverse proxy with a pluggable load balancer would be 
/huge/ in my opinion.

Having to resort to Apache (or a hardware load balancer) to distribute 
load across multiple Tomcats is /really /unfortunate.

What's needed is a high-performance Java-based proxy load balancer that 
makes it easy to get at the balancing algorithm.  This should support 
use cases like balancing new requests to the backend that currently has 
the fewest active sessions or to avoid any backend which is in a 
low-memory state, for instance.

Trying to hack this sort of thing into mod_proxy_balancer or mod_jk is 
just so much harder than doing this sort of thing in Java.  Plus there's 
the benefit of "build once run anywhere", i.e. cross-platform binaries.

Jess Holle

P.S. Caching at this level is quite uninteresting to me -- but could 
seemingly be added via servlet request filters assuming the reverse 
proxy was itself done as a servlet.  Ideally the reverse proxy would 
even be portable across servlet engines and designed for exposure via 
JMX.  [I say "designed for" as it seems everyone has their own way of 
actually /doing/ JMX MBeans -- Tomcat uses Modeler and others use 
something different.  Me?  I prefer just subclassing StandardMBean -- 
but with my own value-add subclass thereof, of course :-)]

jean-frederic clere wrote:
> Sharmistha jat wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I have applied for tomcat proxy project, but i needed a little more
>> information than given in the project idea, to start with the design of
>> proxy.
>> So i would like to know more about the following:
>> 1) Type of proxy [reverse,content filter,caching etc].
> Just a reverse proxy.
> For the content filter I think you mean soemthing like the ProxyPass 
> and ProxyMatch of httpd, do you? If yes some filtering would be nice.
> Caching is interesting but not a requirement for a reverse proxy (you 
> can have the static resource locally and server them locally).
>> 2) Use [intent]
> The use would be to front-end TC or cluster of TC. httpd does that but 
> the code is in C and it is a lot of work to have JAVA based 
> administration (JMX for example). The proxy should support HTTP and 
> HTTPS and could support AJP if you want.
>> I have studied a number of servlet proxies like  j2ep, noodle & Http 
>> Proxy
>> Servlet in past days.
> Could you write a wiki on that? (Somewhere in 
> Cheers
> Jean-Frederic
>> And was puzzled about my intent of making proxy and its designing 
>> thereof.
>> So, please guide me a little bit about this.
>> Thanks
>> Sharmistha
>>   v <javascript://nop/>
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