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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: GSoC questions
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2009 10:32:28 GMT
muz.Payne wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to join GSoC project titled "Convert current Tomcat valves to Servlet
> Filters" and I just want to ask you some questions about it.

Great. Welcome to the Tomcat dev community.

> 1. Will the work include writing of JUnit tests? If yes, which version? (3,
> 4)
Possibly. If so, we are currently using JUnit 3 but that can always be changed
if there is a good reason.

> 2. I read that Tomcat uses SVN version control system. Is there any
> preferred IDE, or can be used NetBeans?
Tomcat does use svn, as do all ASF projects. We can also request a read-only git
mirror if that would help.
You can use any IDE.

> 3. In which version of Tomcat (and Java of course) have to be the code
> implemented? Can I use Java SE 5 features ? (generics, annotations,
> extended for cycle, extended Java APIs, ...)
Tomcat 7.
The Servlet 3.0 spec requires Java 6 so any Java 6 features may be used.

> 4. Which additional technologies I should learn except Java Servlet
> Filters, Apache Tomcat valves and SVN (I have experience with CVS &
> Eclipse) ?
A general familiarization with the Servlet 3.0 specification would be an advantage.

I'd also suggest reading the various threads on the dev list that are about this
GSOC project.


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