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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: I Need Your Feedback on my project proposal
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2009 08:33:29 GMT
Xie Xiaodong wrote:
> Hello, Dear All,
>    I have posted my revised proposal on the GSOC site for the project
> "Convert current Tomcat valves to Servlet Filters". And I've successfully
> build the source code Mark provided, and delved myself into it. I'll add the
> deliverables and timescale to this proposal later. Any comments, feedback
> and criticism to my proposal are welcomed.

GSOC app updated with feedback and repeated here for the archives:


Good first draft. Things to consider:

   1. Do the StandardEngineValve etc need to be converted to filters? Could the
code in these classes just be moved to the StandardEngine etc?
   2. For configuration of these filters look at how Tomcat uses a global
web.xml (in CATALINA_BASE/conf) and think about how this might be extended. Take
a look at how Tomcat does this for global context.xml files, host level
context.xml files and per context context.xml files
   3. I think you missed my point about ASync support. The question wasn't
how/if Tomcat provides the threads to process these requests. The question is
what needs to be done to make the filters compatible with ASync support and are
there any valves where ASync support may cause issues. Think about the

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