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From "Brane F. Gračnar" <>
Subject [PATCH]: configurable session cookie domain (subdomain session support)
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2009 16:05:00 GMT
Hello :)

We needed subdomain session cookie support for our java webapp; currently 
there is no way to configure cookie domain attribute in tomcat <= 6.0.18.

This patch adds this functionality. Cookie domain can be specified as Manager 
property (default null == turned off) in conf/context.xml or on per webapp 
context property (conf/<engine_name>/<vhost>/appname.xml or 

--- snip ---
<Context override="true">
        <Manager cookieDomain="" />
--- snip ---

Webapp will then issue session cookies in the following form:


Browser will send this cookie to sites,, 

This functionality is already implemented in Resin and Jetty.

How to use/apply:
svn co
cd TOMCAT_6_0_18
patch -p0 < /path/to/tomcat-6.0.18-subdomain-session-cookie.patch
ant download

Best regards, Brane

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