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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Obtaining a Unique Connection ID?
Date Mon, 23 Mar 2009 07:41:18 GMT
Others might have better ideas, but as mentioned in the previous thread, 
you can forward the remote port with


and retrieve it in Tomcat with


Doesn't that work?



On 23.03.2009 02:43, Michael B Allen wrote:
> Hi Again,
> In the near term absence of getRemotePort, I am struggling to
> determine a method for storing and retrieving per-connection state.
> Can anyone recommend another method for acquiring a unique connection
> identifier? I would be satisfied with a platform specific method at
> this point.
> Just to be clear as to why this is necessary, NTLMSSP is a three
> request "handshake". So if you have a frameset with 5 frames, IE will
> create 5 separate connections but will use the same session ID. So I
> cannot simply store the state of the authentication in the session
> because the multiple simultaneous authentication requests will
> incorrectly read or overwrite that state and cause strange concurrency
> errors. I need to store the authentication state in the session using
> a unique connection ID (normally getRemoteAddr+getRemotePort) to keep
> the simultaneous authentication requests straight.
> Any ideas?
> Is there a mod_jk or Tomcat specific feature that would allow me to
> get the socket file descriptor value, or port, or unique ID through
> HttpServletRequest.getAttribute()?
> Mike

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