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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject Re: tomcat-native: multicast on win32
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2009 15:48:28 GMT
Lorenz Breu wrote:
> hi once again
> i have been trying to figure out why my tomcat native based mina
> acceptor won't join a speicified multicast group. the call goes through
> Multicast.join() over the tomcat native code to apr_mcast_join which in
> turn calls do_mcast in the apr multicast.c file. then it goes to os
> specific code, and in the end i get APR_SUCCESS back. but wether when
> specifying an iface of 0 (use default) nor when giving a specific
> interface does anything actually happen. no igmp message is sent and no
> multicast group is joined. has anyone ever had similar problems, or has
> anyone used the apr multicast code successfully on win32 machines?

Also, can you try
if (Multicat.join(sock, addr, iface, source) != APR_ERROR_SUCCESS)
    Multicat.join(sock, addr, iface, 0);

If source internal will call MCAST_JOIN_SOURCE_GROUP
IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP can be called only once on the
same network interface (accorning to the MSDN),
so that might fix the issue.


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