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Subject Re: Trying to Configure SSL with Tomcat 6
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2009 18:30:13 GMT
Try sending this to the Tomcat user list, you'll be more likely to get
help there.  This is the list for developers of the server itself.


Inya-Agha, Wynne wrote:
>> The problem with the SSL is that the Tomcat server is not using the
>> certificate.  When it starts, depending on the exact options chosen in
>> the server.xml file for the port 8443 listener section, it does one of
>> the following:
>> It will either fail to start listening on port 8443 at all, or
>> It will listen on port 8443, but not encrypt communications.  (It's
>> not using the certificate.)
>> From what I can tell with keytool, the certificate appears to be fine.
>> I don't understand how Tomcat knows which key in the keystore to use,
>> or how it knows the keystore password.  (I don't think it does.)  It's
>> even generating an error in one of its log files that says it's having
>> trouble opening the keystore, which I believe is because it does not
>> have the password, but when I enter that information with the options
>> needed for specifying the keystore password in the server.xml file,
>> that port 8443 listener does not start at all.  It's as if I have the
>> wrong syntax.  The documentation I'm using is just whatever I can find
>> on the Internet
>> Any suggestions you can offer would be appreciated.

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