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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Campaign for votes for NIO patches
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2009 03:16:58 GMT
gents, I'm gonna campaign for some votes on the NIO connectors, let me 
line up what is needed

* [2] Prevent async close NPE on already closed sockets
-  This simply performs a != null check to make sure the closure of a 
socket goes through all the phases

* [3] Add ability to fix the keyAlias in NIO/SSL
- currently the keyAlias is ignored when using the NIO connector, so one 
is not allowed to specify a keyAlias in the keystore to be used.

* [4] Fix (add 
sendfile support to NIO/SSL) - performance improvement
- Add in the ability to use send file even during SSL. This is a fairly 
large performance improvement, since SSL/NIO/emulated blocking is fairly 
slow. This frees up the worker thread and completes the delivery of the 
file in a non blocking fashion.

* [5] Fix Comet interest registration bug
  +1: fhanik
During certain scenarios, the selector connector will register the 
system with no interest operations, which leaves the request hanging 

I would very much like to get these suckers taken care of. If you have 
time, please review, vote or provide feedback


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