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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 46352] Apache 1.3 crashes inside with selfsigned SSL cert
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2008 11:57:27 GMT

--- Comment #1 from Rainer Jung <>  2008-12-05 03:57:26 PST ---
Line 659 is:

reply_timeout = ap_table_get(r->subprocess_env, "JK_REPLY_TIMEOUT");

So it seems we have trouble retrieving data from the httpd environment
Can you produce a core and use a debugger like gdb to check, what
r->subprocess_env is in your case? It should not be null and its type should be
table. ap_table_get() is provided by httpd itself.

Did you build mod_jk yourself? Did you use the apxs in configure, that came
with your httpd? You can also try adding --enable-EAPI to configure, but I
doubt it will help.

The above line is part of a new feature. If you don't want to set
reply_timeouts via Apache httpd environment variables, you can comment the line
out. I would expect, that you'll then get crashes in other parts of the code,
but we might get a better idea what's wrong.

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