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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Releasing Apache Tomcat Native 1.1.16
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2008 00:13:19 GMT
Mladen Turk schrieb:
> Apache Tomcat Native 1.1.16 is:
> [X] Stable - no major issues, no regressions
> [ ] Beta   - at least one significant issue -- tell us what it is
> [ ] Alpha  - multiple significant issues -- tell us what they are

Additional remarks (I'm going to help with those changes to, but I
wanted to first take the time to get them written down):

- Top-Level directory contains files NOTICE *and* NOTICE.txt, which are
identical except one empty line.
- README.txt: a little short; all paths beginning with examples/ miss a
leading jni/
- CHANGELOG.txt: Looks a little strange, because e.g. it only contains
version numbers 1_1.11 and 1_1.12. So either there were no changes for
other versions, or the numbers got lost?

- ant build:

   - maybe we should rename to and have it as additional property source in
build.xml (like we do for Tomcat itself). So the properties in the file
get used, except when you overwrite them via We might
also put a correct version and version.number into before tagging

   - target compile-only doesn't work (variable build.home undefined)
but seems to be not needed, since target compile gets used instead

   - target compile-examples seems also not to get used, there is
another one "examples", which does the same plus more

   - ant -p doesn't list all relevant targets

   - version.number is a little strange, because it is 100 (three
digits), not clear what it should be set to for 1.1.16. Fortunately it
is never used :)

- native build

   - os/win32/libtcnative.rc: TCN_VERISON -> TCN_VERSION (3 times)
   - file srclib/VERSIONS: what's the reason for this file? Nothing else
is in srclib
   - configure: platorm -> platform

- build-in tests: all of them need a little doc

   - Echo: I propose to use another port, e.g. 2223 instead of 23. Users
shouldn't build and test as root, so we shouldn't use a privileged port
by default

   - SSL: Needs a little info about the missing certificates, or maybe
     we should include test certificates in the test folder


test results:

- locals-example: starts to accept on the unix socket, but then no more

- server-example: misses ssl certificates, after adding them I'm not
sure, how the test result should look like

- Tomcat: works fine, applied some load via ab, runs stable



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