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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 46243] Filter init() fails, still put into service
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2008 18:42:07 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Christopher Schultz <>  2008-11-19 10:42:06
PST ---
I think I agree with your rationale, but not your conclusion. (Don't worry, I
know about authentication safety... I'm the dev lead on securityfilter).

The filter fails to start up, but it's still used to filter requests. I'm not
suggesting that the filter should simply be removed from service: I think
Tomcat should attempt to successfully re-initialize the filter before using it,
and refuse to process the request if a required filter cannot be initialized.

I'm assuming that webapp authors expect their filters to run properly when
properly configured, and to run on each and every appropriate request (I know I
do). To have the filter run (i.e. has doFilter called) when the init() has
failed seems like an unrealistic expectation that the filter will be able to
operate properly.

I would rather see the filter repeatedly fail to initialize rather than a
single init failure followed by all kinds of other weird things because an
inititialized filter is being used , IMO, inappropriately.

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