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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 46209] Findbugs report on Tomcat-Pool
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2008 12:04:15 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Sebb <>  2008-11-14 04:04:13 PST ---
There are quite a few cases of class variables that are not final, even though
they are set in the constructor and not actually changed thereafter.

For example, 
FairBlockingQueue:lock, items, waiters

Wherever possible, variables should be made final to ensure thread-safety.

There are some variables that are protected, even though there is already an
access method for them.

For example, DataSourceProxy:driver
In this case, the variable should definitely be private, as access needs to be

PooledConnection:counter is volatile, presumably instead of synchronising it.
However, volatile does not protect against the read-modify-write involved in
processing the counter++ statement.
Same applies to PoolProperties:poolCounter
Also, both of these are protected. I think they should be final.

It would be useful to use Javadoc to state the class thread-safety or
otherwise, and to add details of how fields are synchronised, e.g. using the
@GuardedBy annotation.

It's confusing to have aliases such as:
final ReentrantLock lock = FairBlockingQueue.this.lock;
when the code works just the same without.

Some source files still have the following copyright:
Copyright: Copyright (c) 2008 Filip Hanik

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