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From Lorenz Breu <>
Subject [JNI/native] retrieving the port of the remote end of a socket
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2008 13:37:16 GMT
Glad I could help ;)

Maybe somebody can give me a hint now. I am trying to retrieve the port
of the sender of a datagram using recvfrom() as shown below:

protected SocketAddress receive(Long handle, IoBuffer buffer)
    throws Exception {
      /*initialize a new byte array for now. Is the data correctly
transferred to the
       * MINA framework like this? There must be some way to write
directly to buffer...
      byte b[] = new byte[buffer.capacity()];
      //initialize a new apr_sockaddr_t
      long ra ="", 0, 14, 0, pool);
      //use recFrom() to read the datagram and fill in the
apr_sockaddr_t with the remote address
      int bytesRecv = Socket.recvfrom(ra,(long)
      //move the acquired data to the buffer used in the future.
Performance problem, there must be a direct way to do this

      //fill in the data to return (remote address)
      SocketAddress sa = new InetSocketAddress(Address.getip(ra),
      return sa;

Now data seems to be correctly received, and Address.getip(ra) returns
the correct IP address, however the port passed to the constructor of
InetSocketAddress is always the one used during the initialization of
the apr_sockaddr_t. Hence the port is either not fetched during the
underlying native call to recvfrom, or incorrectly fetched in the
getInfo() call, or I have made a mistake somewhere. Has anybody used
these methods successfully before?


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