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From Lorenz Breu <>
Subject [JNI/native]: recvfrom vs recvFrom
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2008 08:50:52 GMT
Hi folks,

I am new to this stuff, so please bear with me...

I am working on some extensions to the APR transport in the MINA
project. I was trying to use Socket.recvFrom() from the
org.apache.tomcat.jni package and kept getting UnsatisfiedLink errors...
I think I tracked the problem to a case mismatch between the java
Socket.class and the native network.c files. The java code specifies a
recvFrom() method (capital F) whereas the native code defines a
recvfrom() function (all lowercase)... A quick rebuild of the tomcat
sources after renaming the java method recvfrom() seems to have fixed my
initial problem, as the UnsatisfiedLink error has disappeared...

Was that really the (only) problem? I didn't find any other report on
this issue, and assuming a bunch of people use the apr libraries, I am
not quite sure if I have found a bug or not... Anyway, if that really is
an issue, you may want to fix either the jave or the native code...


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