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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Spec clarification and bug 45451
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2008 15:51:30 GMT

I received clarification from the EG today.

In summary, the question was which of the following is correct:
1: <test:echo text="${"hello world"}" />
2: <test:echo text="${\"hello world\"}" />

A strict reading of the EBNF grammar in the JSP spec suggested that 1 was

The TCK expected 2.

The EG have confirmed that the TCK is correct. I am still following up on
if I have mis-read the EBNF - always a possibility ;) - or if some form of
clarification is required.

To be clear, the intention of the spec is that attributes are always quoted
 as per JSP.1.6. Once the value has been 'de-quoted' it can be passed to
the EL engine for processing.

I will start work on getting the necessary changes implemented in trunk and
then propose patches for 6.0.x. Changes may also be required for 5.5.x


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