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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: Tomcat connection pool contribution
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2008 15:30:37 GMT
On Tue, 2008-10-21 at 09:15 -0600, Filip Hanik - Dev Lists wrote:
> Remy and Yoav, I totally understand where you are coming from, and I 
> have thought about it for while before I suggested adding it here
> 1. commons-dbcp is very stagnant, they are not even accepting 
> performance improvement patches

You could start dbcp2 if dbcp is frozen. If that really doesn't work,
and there's really nowhere to put the component, then this can be

> 2. Remy's comment -"Tomcat does not do connection pools"
> We sure do, the fact that we ship with one, means we do connection 
> pools. and we are in the job of refactoring commons-dbcp, and now you 
> can't even compile Tomcat with JDK 1.6, nor run it with JDK 1.6 since 
> the java.sql API's are not implemented. a user doesn't care of this is a 
> project from elsewhere, he/she just feels it is a hinder.

Tomcat ships a thirdparty pool for convenience.

> 3. Yoav's comment - "I don't want to bloat Tomcat with extra stuff"
> Depends on the definition of bloating, our hacks around commons-dbcp, 
> the size of the library (commons-dbcp-193k, new pool-36k) itself, and 
> the build script
> we've already bloated our system with crud from commons-dbcp, not 
> working properly here
> Look at the build script for commons-dbcp->tomcat-dbcp, that is *code*, 
> and that is bloat.

Without the script, it could cause CL conflicts with the commons libs,
and it would be even bigger. OTOH, replacing the pool is annoying.
People don't like bugs in their pool.

> 4. Going with the little piece of code (8classes) elsewhere is a bit 
> moot, the code is complete, it's not gonna attract a community based on 
> 8classes. And that is why it would be awkward putting it anywhere else, 
> its not like this code is gonna grow and evolve into a large organic 
> project, hence within the ASF, it would be considered dead even before 
> it started.
> I hear both of your concerns, and I will withdraw the proposal,
> thanks for speaking up


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