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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Re: Possibility of Making JSESSIONID Configurable
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2008 00:35:21 GMT
Mark Thomas wrote:
> Dan Bush wrote:
>> I have the need to change the name of the session cookie to something
>> other than JSESSIONID. With some other containers like Weblogic it can
>> be adjusted via the provider descriptor (weblogic.xml)
>> [].
>> Tomcat makes use of a global field value. I was wondering what the
>> possibility of making the session cookie name, and the related stuff
>> like the URL parameter configurable at run time. I don't think this
>> would impact mod_jk because I believe that is configurable via a
>> directive.
> Should be quite simple. It could be made configurable per context by
> setting it within the session manager. Everywhere it is used, the context
> is easily accessible. (I haven't checked the url side but I expect it t be
> similar).
> The 3.0 servlet spec mentions this (ie Tomcat 7) but there is nothing to
> stop this being added to 6.0.x
yes, I would be a proponent for adding adding this.

> Enhancement requests should be entered in bugzilla.
> Enhancement requests with patches tend to get looked at faster ;)
> If you want to take a crack at this yourself, you could use this to give
> you an idea of how to add the configuration.
> Shout if you have any questions / need more pointers.
> Mark
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