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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject EL and TCK
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2008 20:00:25 GMT
With the recent fixes to the EL code it appears that there is a bug in the
TCK. I won't repeat the exact test since the TCK licence won't let me do
that but a simple version is that the TCK thinks the following expression
should be valid:

${\'string literal\'}

For those of you with access to the TCK, mail me privately if you want the
real expression the TCK is using.

My reading of the EL spec is that string literals *must* be quoted. Single
or double, take you pick but you have to use one or the other. Note that
the quotes in the example above are escaped so they don't count.

Before I embark on trying to convince the EG there is a bug in the TCK can
anyone see a reason why the above?



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