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From "Konstantin Kolinko" <>
Subject Re: EL and TCK
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2008 11:21:58 GMT
2008/9/19 Mark Thomas <>:
> With the recent fixes to the EL code it appears that there is a bug in the
> TCK. I won't repeat the exact test since the TCK licence won't let me do
> that but a simple version is that the TCK thinks the following expression
> should be valid:
> ${\'string literal\'}
> For those of you with access to the TCK, mail me privately if you want the
> real expression the TCK is using.
> My reading of the EL spec is that string literals *must* be quoted. Single
> or double, take you pick but you have to use one or the other. Note that
> the quotes in the example above are escaped so they don't count.
> Before I embark on trying to convince the EG there is a bug in the TCK can
> anyone see a reason why the above?

Hi, Mark!

Is the above EL expression a part of some JSP page?

I do not have access to TCK, so I do not know how those tests are

In JSP 2.1 spec there is chapter
JSP.1.6 Quoting and Escape Conventions
- see "Quoting in Attributes" part there.

Thus, IMHO, ${\'string literal\'} will be valid if used as the value for
an attribute of custom tag.

The example from the spec
<x:tag value="<%= \"Joe said 'hello'\" %>"/>
<x:tag value="${ \"Joe said 'hello'\" }"/>

and should have produced the following EL expression:
"Joe said 'hello'"
(without any backslash characters in EL text)

I hope that this explanation matches your case.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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