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From "Henri Gomez" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat-Lite - part 1
Date Sat, 30 Aug 2008 06:47:35 GMT
>> If you read this far - I don't want to start a flame war,  but I appreciate
>> all feedback :-). My current goal is to
>> 'graduate' the first 2 components, the others can stay longer in sandbox or
>> be moved out - but since they rely on
>> the first 2 I would have to clone a lot of tomcat code. I think 4 would also
>> be nice for tomcat, allowing people
>> to extend tomcat by using easier interfaces ( and have the extensions easily
>> ported ). I don't mind too much if 3 and 5
>> are not accepted at this point, I'll move them out or try again later :-)
>> I think moving forward, for tomcat-7 and beyond - it would be worth
>> reconsidering some of the 10-year-old decisions, and
>> tomcat-lite can be a good example on how things can be done differently:
>> - Valves/LifecycleListeners versus plain Filters and listeners
>> - configuration and better integration with frameworks (
>> JMX/dep-injection/etc)
>> - sanbox support
>> - layers and complexity

>From my own experience (during the 10 years), the servlet engine was
the main piece in Web applications for many years.

Now it's only a small part of the architecture and it often needed to
be embedded in a larger part.

Now the container should be small, embeddedable and modular, to fit
this new 'requirements' (not necessary the whole Servlet/JSP specs).

That's why I feel that tomcat light could be the foundation for this future.

Congrats again Costin

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