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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject 5.5.27 blocker: URIEncoding UTF-8 broken for 5.5.trunk
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2008 15:16:13 GMT

URIEncoding="UTF-8" seems to be broken for 5.5.trunk at the moment. The
reason is related to one of the fixes for BZ 44494. It doesn't have to
do with the fixes for URIEncoding CVE.

6.0.18 works. For 5.5.trunk when URIEncoding="UTF-8" you always get a
redirect to the ROOT context start page if the rquest is handled by a
reycled instance of I-don't-know-yet-which-object.

So the first few rquests are handled fine, but very soon you only get
redirects back and end up in a redirect loop.

The URL doesn't need to contain any non-ASCII characters, e.g.
http://myserver:8080/ is enough for reproduction, and is also the
redirected URL.

If we revert the backport of

then the redirect loop is gone, and the usual content gets served, but
we know, that this change was needed to fix the "remaining garbage" part
of 44494. So reverting it without any alternative is not really an option.



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