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From "Johnny Kewl" <>
Subject How/Can one list TC's class loader contents.
Date Sun, 31 Aug 2008 14:11:00 GMT
I've noticed that "sticky" webapps in TC, webapps that are not releasing 
their references are hard to detect.

The symptom is seen on windows system but does not seem to be detected on a 
For example, install webapp, run it, shutdown tomcat, try delete the 
unpacked webapp, it will not delete... MS gives an message "something is 
still holding" close all apps.
And then even if one closes every app on the system... it still holds, which 
I think is suggesting that there is now a residual classloader with a 
"sticky" class in it, apps that wont die.

Is there a way to see those residual "sticking" class loaders, and their 


ps: I have a feeling that some users struggling in the user group are 
experiencing sticky app problems.
New webapps wont take, and they start setting antiLocking stuff... which I'm 
not sure is solving the real problem... ie I think there has to be some way 
to show a developer that their webapp is "sticky".

(I think) 

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