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From "Michael Bailey" <>
Subject Patch - Don't follow symlinks for deletion
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 18:17:36 GMT
By default tomcat, when tomcat undeploys a war it deletes the exploded
directory and follows symlinked directories recursively, whether
allowLinking="true" or not. Is this the intended behavior? I have a
use case in which I want to have allowLinking="true" for my context,
but when the exploded directory gets deleted during undeploy I don't
want it to delete the target of the symlink only the symlink itself.
The recursive delete code was found in 4 places in the code. I
replaced it with a call to a utility method. I have attached a patch
that disables following of symlinks for deletion. It has only been
tested with JDK 5 on Linux.

I am curious to know the details for the use case in which you want
tomcat to follow symlinks for deletion to be the default behavior.

Michael Bailey

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