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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 45419] Return Accept-Ranges from DefaultServlet
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2008 14:08:06 GMT

--- Comment #5 from Mike Bremford <>  2008-07-24 07:08:05 PST ---
The Adobe client will request the entire document, but if it finds it's
Linearized and the server accepts Ranges it will interrupt that initial
request. If Ranges aren't supported and it interrupts the request anyway it
will have to re-download the entire document, which (if it's dynamically
generated) could be a very expensive operation. So the Accept-Ranges header
really is essential to this transaction.

Yes, this could be resolved with a Filter or some other workaround on the part
of the webapp developer, but I'm not clear why this is a better approach than
modifying the DefaultServlet, which after all is designed to a) serve files
from the filesystem, and b) support Ranges. Advertising that fact in the
headers is completely inline with the HTTP specification and has at least one
demonstrable case where it's necessary by design. More to the point, it will
improve the user experience of Tomcat out of the box for a not-insignificant
number of requests, at a cost of one line of code and an extra 20 bytes for
each response.

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