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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 41538] Unable to run Tomcat as a Windows service under JDK 1.6
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2008 21:04:24 GMT

Dan Armbrust <> changed:

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--- Comment #27 from Dan Armbrust <>  2008-07-10 14:04:23
PST ---
Ok, I really don't follow the logic here.

Most people seem to agree that this is a JVM bug.  <quick rant> And Sun has
done what they do best, ignore the bug and pretend it isn't their fault - they
closed the bug as invalid. </quick rant>

So, now we back up to tomcat - which is the app I'm trying to use - and it
doesn't work.  But tomcat also closed the bug as invalid?  With a vague hope
that the sun bug can be worked around by changes in the daemon project?

Where does the buck stop?  In a  brief look, I haven't found any bugs in the
daemon project that seem to indicate that this was even passed on to them.

This bug should be reopened - and not closed until:

The Tomcat installer is modified to either ship its own copy of msvcr71.dll,
and drop it beside the tomcat.exe file, or, the installer is modified to copy 
the file from the jvm bin directory into the tomcat bin directory.


A workaround is implemented in the daemon project, and tomcat starts shipping a
version of daemon which includes the workaround.  

I really don't see how this should become my problem as a user of tomcat.  It
sucks that tomcat or the daemon launcher has to work around sun bugs - but I
don't see what other choice there is in situations like this. 

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