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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Importing Tomcat 4-6 bugzilla information to another location for datamining for research
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2008 21:41:35 GMT
Archit Baweja wrote:
> Hey guys,
> My name is Archit Baweja and I'm currently pursuing a Master's degree
> @ Drexel University. I'm helping Prof Giuseppe Valetto @ Drexel
> University with a research project for which we're planning to use the
> Tomcat project as a case study. For the purposes of the research we
> will be data mining various developer databases like bugzilla, svn
> commit history etc.
> The reason for this mail is to get the contact information of the
> maintainer of the bugzilla database for the tomcat project. I'm aware
> of how to access bugzilla for Tomcat 4-6 via the web-interface, but as
> a first step in our research we were hoping to copy over the bugzilla
> database for tomcat 4, and tomcat 5 (all the bugs) to a local server
> for further data mining.

Bugzilla is managed by the Apache Infrastructure Team. They can be reached 

As it happens, I am one of the people that helps manage Bugzilla. I think 
we will be able to help you but please remember we are volunteers with 
multiple demands on our time. It would probably help to understand a little 
more about your research project and what you are trying to achieve.

As I next step, I suggest you take your request to the infrastructure@a.o


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