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From Fu-Tung Cheng <>
Subject context.xml, hotdeploy
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2008 20:19:00 GMT
Hi Mark,

Yeah I don't think the cleanup for 42747 will help with this issue.  The other thing that
I forgot to mention is that the behavior is inconsistent between exploded deployment and war
deployment.  In war deployment the file will be copied to the conf/Catalina location.  In
exploded deployment the file will remain where it is and be used from where it is.  

In war deployment I still find it useful to hotdeploy files to the exploded directory and
with the current implementation, hotdeploying the context.xml file will not work in war deployment
mode.  It will work in exploded deployment mode, if I manually have the war exploded instead
of allowing tc to explode it for me.

Would you not consider the inconsistent behavior to be a bug?

Thanks for the response,


In terms of my usage of context.xml I am not doing anything special in fact pretty much to
the letter of the example in the sun docs for form based authentication.  The only thing that
is different is that my authentication source happens to be war based and running in the tc
web container.  There isn't anything strictly wrong with that.  There are other approaches
I could use, a different authentication source, have the authentication source run in a separately
launched and configured tc container, etc.  In any case this is tangential to the bug report.

--- Comment #1 from Mark Thomas <>  2008-06-13 11:59:06 PST ---
Copying to conf is an intentional design decision. There are a few things that
need cleaning up in this area (see bug 42747) but I don't think changes for
that bug are going to help you. If you want to discuss the reasons behind the
design decision, please use the dev list.


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