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Subject svn commit: r670078 - /tomcat/tc6.0.x/trunk/STATUS.txt
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2008 21:39:04 GMT
Author: markt
Date: Fri Jun 20 14:39:04 2008
New Revision: 670078

Modify patch as previously discussed


Modified: tomcat/tc6.0.x/trunk/STATUS.txt
--- tomcat/tc6.0.x/trunk/STATUS.txt (original)
+++ tomcat/tc6.0.x/trunk/STATUS.txt Fri Jun 20 14:39:04 2008
@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@
 * Fix
   You can't use an unescaped quote if you quote the value with that character
   +1: markt
   -1: remm (I think it is a good patch, but it throws an error for something which was working
             so I would think keeping it for the next release would be better)
@@ -42,6 +43,8 @@
             to restore the current behaviour is an app depends on it?
       remm Ok with this addition, but I would only vote +0 for inclusion in this release
            (this still sounds like a very minor fix)
+      markt The second svn commit provides an option to disable the error raised
+            by the first.
 * Enhancement
   Provide a workaround to a buggy MS WebDAV client.

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