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From "Quintin Beukes" <>
Subject Configuration Query
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2008 13:58:36 GMT

I haven't been able to get an answer anywhere else, so this is my last
resort. This isn't related to development of tomcat itself for the
purpose of committing to the original project, but it's definitely
related to development off tomcat to customize it for our company.

I am trying to add more elements to the <Engine> element in
server.xml. They should go next to <Host> elements (before/after
doesn't matter).

So far I have discovered that I can do it by extending RuleSetBase to
say MyRuleSet, and then adding it in like so:
digester.addRuleSet(new EngineRuleSet("Server/Service/"));
digester.addRuleSet(new MyRuleSet("Server/Service/Engine/")); // add this line
digester.addRuleSet(new HostRuleSet("Server/Service/Engine/"));
digester.addRuleSet(new ContextRuleSet("Server/Service/Engine/Host/"));

But is there any way I can do this in a "plugin" type of way.
Currently I am specifying my own <Server> and <Engine> elements (just
extending the existing ones and overriding where necessary). These
classes I dump in a jar and put it inside $CATALINA_HOME/lib. Is there
any way I can do configuration customization using this method? I
don't want to extend the Tomcat source code, since I am not making a
new product and would still like to benefit from updates.

If not, wouldn't it perhaps be a good idea to support this? Maybe
alter the XML schema to support an <Extension
or something? Then inside one adds rulesets that loads the
class in the className attribute as a ruleset, supplying as the prefix
the parent of the current <Extension> element.

Quintin Beukes

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