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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject RE: Question about Tomcat memory leaks
Date Sun, 13 Apr 2008 22:55:40 GMT
Hi all,
> But since you describe "server" memory exhaustion, you should use Windows
> perfmon tool to log process memory (see  HOW TO: Create and Configure
> Performance Monitor Trace Logs,
hmm, this link give's me a 'currently not available'.
> ) and determine which process is leaking.  If this is tomcat, then start
> by reducing -Xmx option to a level that the server can handle (and not
> crash).
> And finally, use the very good suggestions of others to use a java memory
> profiler.
yes, a big thanks to all for your suggestions, that helped a lot already.
Unfortunately at current state I want to do as less as possible on the config + app itself;
so for now I've hacked a WSH script which does fetch some perfmon memory values and mails
the results to me so that I monitor the rate on which the memory goes low, and act before
the WinXP box freezes up.

If I can nail down what leaks within the next days, then next step will be a test installation
on another box where I can check details with YourKit; I found that currently a 7.1 EAP version
is available without need for a licence, and I hope this might be good enough to show up where
the main probs are - it is enough for me to proof that it is their app (which I assume); however
few other things might be possible as well: mysqld or the mysql jdbc driver (which I doubt).
I think its most likely that they dont free all mysql result resources....

thanks all again, Guenter.

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