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From "Henri Gomez" <>
Subject Re: Osgifing Tomcat
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2008 11:50:22 GMT
>  Since this requires state mutation (see the hooks that an Erlang OTP
>  application will supply for state upgrade, for instance) there won't be
>  a "no other hooks" version, I think :-)
>  This is doable (I've done it, but only as a proof of concept - as
>  pointed out, this is a long way away from a robust real-world approach)
>  but typically the applications we're redeploying for real here can (a)
>  stand a little downtime, or (b) can use staggered upgrades across a
>  cluster of app servers, (c) often come hand-in-hand with out-of-app DB
>  schema changes, and (d) consequently don't merit the huge effort
>  required to make this work.

Good to see that we could discuss a little bit more than just OSGI/Maven.


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