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From Damien B <>
Subject Re: Osgifing Tomcat
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2008 08:58:57 GMT
pkriens wrote:
>> Just my 2c: Eclipse, OSGified since 3.2, still doesn't fully support 
>> updates without a JVM restart; and they have full control about the 
>> whole aspects.
> Unfortunately there are tens of thousands of plugin writers out there that
> are not aware of the dynamics. Eclipse migrated to OSGi 4 years ago and did
> some incredible open heart surgery on their runtime engine to support OSGi.
> It was quite impressive how they replace their engine with an OSGi based
> version while existing plugins kept working. However, none of the existing
> code was ready for the consequences of dynamics. Plugins could add entries
> to menu's but this information came from a static file in the plugin, so
> there was no facility to remove this information. 

To me, a webapp adds "entries" (aka Servlet) to menus (aka url patterns) 
from a static file inside the war (web.xml). If it was not possible in 4 
years to solve this problem in Eclipse, how will it be possible for Tomcat?


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