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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Re: Osgifing Tomcat
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2008 17:56:12 GMT
Henri Gomez wrote:
>>  I'm not sure it's the best idea, my goal is to move it out of sandbox,
>>  it already has enough experiments
>>  that need completion. and the main goal is to be 'lite' :-). It has a
>>  simple Addon mechanism, and I don't mind
>>  having an optional addon manager impl using OSGI - but I don't want to
>>  get distracted, I started
>>   tomcat-lite  experiment >2 years ago.
> Yep, time to stabilize
>>  The first part ( adding manifests to existing tomcat ) seems to have
>>  support so could be done in the trunk.
> And no consequences outside OSGI world
>>  I don't see any reason for having non-intrusive OSGI support developed
>>  in sandbox - as long
>>  as the code is in a package that is excluded from the official distro,
>>  and is released as a separate
>>  unit it could live in trunk.  It'll need the 3 +1 to be released, of
>>  course - but the whole point of
>>   modularity is to be able to develop modules independent of the container.
> Right
>>  IMO sandbox is for experiments that would replace existing tomcat
>>  components or core stuff. If you do it in
>>  trunk - it's easier to get it released eventually, and you may get
>>  better reviews and attention.
> Indeed
> I'll try to spend some time on mavenize tomcatlight first and how it
> could be done then for tomcat trunk.
LOL, ouch, you just opened up the can of worms we thought we put a lid 
on :) he he
basically, Tomcat 6 is mavenized, and we publish the individual JARs to 
ASF Maven repo.
> Next how to OSGIfy the mavenized tomcats, experiences and advices welcomed here
my feeling is though, is that you are going for the "mavenization" just 
to run the BND or BNE or whatever the plugin is called, that generates 
the OSGi manifests.
having personally done that, I can say that it simply doesn't work. IT 
works in most cases, but not in Tomcat, and even in the cases it works, 
the output it produces into the manifest file is completely useless to 
the human eye. the amount of stuff it exports and imports is insane, in 
in most cases irrelevant to the data you actually wanna export/import

that's why I posted my combined version of the Export/Import, nice and 
clean, when/if we do it on a per jar basis, I would hope we aim to 
produce the same quality data as the example I showed.

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