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From Jim Manico <>
Subject Re: Web Service deployed on Tomcat stops responding after sometime
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2008 19:31:39 GMT
You want tomcat-users, not tomcat developers. This list is for folks who 
are building the Tomcat product. You will not get an answer here.

- Jim

> Hi,
> I haven't used Tomcat before and is the first time I am using it. I have Web
> Service that is deployed on Tomcat 5 installed on my local system. Web
> Service I am using Spring, Hibernate. The issue I am facing is 
> after deploying a service all works fine. As soon as I leave the service
> idle means I don't make any calls to the Web Service for couple of hours
> my Web Service stops working. If I try to invoke a Web Service I get an
> error message and looking at the logs I don't see any call to the Web
> Service
> so I end up undeploying and redeploying the Web Service and it starts
> working and if I don't invoke the Service for couple of hours it stops
> working and 
> I then I have to undeploy and redeploy the Service.
> Any idea waht might be the problem where to look. Why the Service keeps
> working as long as I keep calling but stops working if I call after couple
> of hours. Is there
> any settings I need to make on Tomcat as I am new to Tomcat so have no idea
> where to look.
> Any help is appreciated.
> Thanks

Jim Manico
Senior Application Security Engineer
Aspect Security

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