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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 44494] Requests greater than 8k being truncated.
Date Sat, 19 Apr 2008 04:46:53 GMT

--- Comment #47 from Suzuki Yuichiro <>  2008-04-18 21:46:52
PST ---
I tried current 6.0.x. It looks working fine at all test cases.
Thank you very much for the fix.

But there is a few comments.
1. readAheadLimit value that specified by the mark method has no meanings.
   After the mark method is called once, tomcat seems to buffer all of the
   The JavaDoc of BufferedReader allows tomcat to use arbitrary size
   (over readAheadLimit) buffer, but that may cause OutOfMemory
   however the application developer specified a moderate size for

2. At the recycle phase, ReadConverter convert all byte sequence
   that was not read by application,  but the converted character sequence
   is not used.
   In recycling, it's more efficient that the under-lying input stream
   returns -1 immediately. (Though it might not be the most efficient

They may be not bugs, but improvement level.

Best Regards.

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