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Subject JNDIRealm, ADweRealm
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2008 07:00:45 GMT
Dear Mark,
     due to mysterious failure notices, I'm not quite sure,
about your having received below mail.
Apologieses, if it's a repetition.
Anyway, I would appreciate, if it would be possible to
get involved.

----------------------------------- mail 11.04.2008 12:40 was:
Mark Thomas schrieb:
> wrote:
>> Brandon DuRette schrieb:
>> As I said in my mail (27 Feb 2008 to bug 42579) JNDIRealm is hardly
>> useable with (Windows Server 2003) Active Directory Domains  --
>> except for very small / trivial cases.
>> After a long history of frustrations, I solved all the
>> Tomcat+AD-issues by an own ADweRealms. Experiences are, so far,
>> 100% good (with Apache Tomcat/6.0.16 on JDK1.6.0_05 and before
>> also with 5.5.x od 1.5.0_y). I offered the solution, already, in
>> mentioned mail. (got nil reactions)
> No you didn't. You provided the javadocs and the binary but not the source.
..... se below ...

> Mark


Dear Mark,

thanks for your answer.

> Without the source code there is nothing comment on - hence the
> lack of reaction.

There is a link to the source in the javadoc. But thats an
indirection. Sorry. So I interpreted no reaction as no interest.

> If you want to contribute your realm then you'll need to provide a
> source code patch (???) to the existing Tomcat source.

Well it's an an extra Realm class for AD -- no patch to an existing
one. With my class, source or jar anybody can use ADweRealm in
Tomcat 5.somting and 6.somthing without modifying or patching
any existing Tomcat code. (It's an extra.)

> Having just looked through your jar file it appears that there is more
> in there than just a realm. If you have other contributions you could
> make that would be great.

Yes, with pleasure, if possible. How? (see below.)

To make them easier track please open a new
> bugzilla item for each and attached the relevant source code patch.

Well this (and other things) I can't understand yet.
Some time ago I did questions / search through the Tomcat Web site
on how to contribute -- as a volunteer developer -- bits of
code or improvements to Tomcat. All this search ended reliably in
just in the command "Do subscribe the dev-mail list".

Which I then did.

On the negative side this brought me a lot of extra mail
filter work, as most of mails per se contain no info for
a (still) outsider. (svn-commits e.g.)

On the positive side I learned a lot of other peoples problems,
what a great work you do and got many valuable hints to my own
work. Thanks a lot!

But the "How to get involved / more inside?"  didn't become any
clearer to me, since. (How did YOU get involved in beginning?)

Best regards

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