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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Announce 3.x is no longer supported
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2008 03:23:29 GMT

"Mark Thomas" <> wrote in message
> All,
> The last 3.x release was almost 4 years ago. Since then there has been one 
> security patch made available in source form and that was more an 
> application issue than a Tomcat one.
> There is still the odd support question on the users list but I think it 
> is time to draw a line under 3.x. In practice, this would mean:
> - removing the download links for 3.x from tomcat.a.o
> - removing 3.x from dist (it would remain in the archives)
> - removing the 3.x docs from tomcat.a.o
> - closing any open 3.x bugs as WONTFIX
> Adding a note that 3.x is no longer supported / removing much of the 3.x 
> info from:
> /index.html
> /security-3.html
> /whichversion.html
> /bugreport.html
> Thoughts?

Well, the way Apache is structured, it is impossible to say that 3.x is no 
longer supported.  If three PMC members were to show an interest in 
expanding it in the future (say myself, Costin, Henri), then the rest would 
have a hard time blocking commits to that branch ;).  I would go for 
something like "The 3.x.x line is unlikely to have another release", instead 
of "not supported" as a result.  Especially since I plan to answer the 
occational 3.3 question on users@tomcat.

I think (but haven't checked) that I've closed all of the 3.3.x issues in 
bugzilla.  The remaining issues are against 3.2.x, which was dead five years 
ago.  Otherwise, I seriously doubt that I could get 3 PMC members to vote +1 
on any commit I might want to make to the 3.3.x branch, much less find 3 for 
a release.  So I'm going to give this [PROPOSAL] my +1.

> Mark 

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