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From "Jason Brittain" <>
Subject Tomcat 6.0.16 RPM Package Available
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 15:42:40 GMT
Hi all!

Now that Tomcat 6.0.16 is officially released, I have updated my
Tomcat RPM to version
6.0.16.  You can download it here:

And, the source RPM is here:

This should work on any RPM-based distro, but it has been heavily
tested on Fedora,
CentOS, and RedHat.  This is the same RPM package that is fully
documented in our
new book Tomcat: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition, which focuses on Tomcat 6.0.

Here is the readme for the RPM package:

General features:
- Fully relocateable RPM package while still being software updateable.
- Two or more installations of the package may be installed and run at once,
  with just port and/or host address changes in each server.xml file.
- Each package installation has its own environment variable settings file
  that is used by the JVM process, which includes JVM startup parameters.
- Includes an init script that implements reliable restarts of the Tomcat JVM.
- Zero RPM package dependencies on any other RPM packages, for ease
  of installation as a single file (other than Java itself, which you
already have).

RPM Build features:
- Generates the source RPM (SRPM), the binary RPMs, and a tar.gz of each
  binary RPM's content.
- Package is renameable at build time without modifying any files.
  This feature, combined with the relocateable feature allow installation
  and operation without first removing any existing package named "tomcat".
- Supports per-developer build property settings overrides.
- Implements archiving release archives to an archival/distribution server.
- Implements a separate version properties file so that build file change
  history isn't obscured by numerous version number change commits.
- SRPM generates three binary RPMs: tomcat, tomcat-compat, and tomcat-admin.
- The spec file is written to make it as easy as possible for developers to
  upgrade the Tomcat 5.5 binary tar.gz files and pick up any new files that
  they contain, and package them in the correct package.
- Makes it easy to tag the packaging files in Subversion.

e9962481f4c4b7fcc1b24bf8a011d774e7d2bb25  tomcat-6.0.16-0.noarch.rpm
6913c85760e25d12b287e8fa1db2034ea1ad6a4c  tomcat-6.0.16-0.src.rpm


Jason Brittain

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