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Subject Re: Implementing wildcard hostnames or aliases
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2008 13:54:06 GMT
Michael Wyraz wrote:
> Hi,
> I have done further research for this topic and I found a solution for 
> tomcat 5.5:
> Should this also work on Tomcat 6 (simply to change the Mapper 
> implementation)?
> Can the mapper class be replaced via configuration (I don't think so 
> beause it's final and has no interfaces)?
> I've read a discussion about the change above but there was decied not 
> to add this to the tomcat sources because it slows down the mapping by 
> 0,05%. Maybe the code could be changed in a way that there's no 
> noticeable slowdown when wildcards are disabled. I have no idea how much 
> the slowdown would be if I'd add 100 extra host aliases instead of a 
> wildcard but I think it would be similar.
> Regards, Michael.
>> I was searching for a way to use wildcard host names in tomcat (e.g. 
>> * With the current implementation it seems not to be 
>> possible. I found some ideas like using a valve at engine level which 
>> forwards to the correct hostname. The problem with this is that the 
>> servlets wouln'd see the original hostname then (correct me if I'm 
>> wrong with that).
>> So I'm looking for a way to implement this. Since tomcat is very 
>> modular, maybe it's just one component which needs to be replaced by a 
>> modified one. But I'm not a tomcat developer and so I have no idea 
>> where to start with that. So could you help with some ideas how I 
>> could implement this? I would do the implementation and send the 
>> results to the devel team.
>> Regards, Michael.

Is there a reason why you can't exploit the defaultHost attribute of the 
Engine element in server.xml?

(If you need help with that, then I suggest you try the users list.)


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