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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Cookies are broken in 6.0.16?
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2008 13:03:40 GMT
Maik Jablonski wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just encountered that Cookies seem to be a little bit broken in
> 6.0.16. If you want to read a cookie which ends on one or more
> equals-sign (=), the equals-signs are removed by Tomcat when the
> cookie is read.
> Is it a bug or a "undocumented" change?

It is neither. The changes are documented in the change log. As a result of
a couple of minor security issues (see the cookie handling code has been
tightened up to make it spec compliant.

By default the servlet spec uses version 0 cookies. The name value pairs
are defined as:
This string is a sequence of characters excluding semi-colon, comma and
white space. If there is a need to place such data in the name or value,
some encoding method such as URL style %XX encoding is recommended, though
no encoding is defined or required.

The difficulty here is that although '=' is the delimiter between NAME and
VALUE there is no need to encode it if it appears in the name or the value.
This causes some ambiguities when parsing a header of the form:
Set-Cookie: foo=bar=bartoo

Is the name 'foo' or 'foo=bar'? Is the value 'bar=bartoo' or 'bartoo'?

The changes to the cookie parsing mean the second '=' and any text beyond
it are now ignored.

If you set the cookie version to 1 then the quoting will be applied where
necessary and your example will work as you intend.


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