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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject DOS-Lineends in many files contained in distribution tar.gz
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2008 00:47:13 GMT

I stumbled today over DOS line endings in the web.xml file of the 
manager contained in TC 6.0.14 tar.gz download.

A little check reveals, that the following files have DOS line endings, 
although the tar.gz is supposed to use Unix convention were appropriate:

- bin/catalina-tasks.xml

and in webapps all files with suffixes:

Count Suffix
  286 html
   46 java
   48 jsp
   12 txt
   11 xml
    5 properties
    4 tag
    3 tld
    2 jspf
    2 jspx
    2 svg
    1 xsd
    1 xsl
    1 mdl

All of those suffixes under webapps always have DOS lineendings (one 
file even has mixed ending: webapps/manager/sessionDetail.jsp misses the 
^M in the last line).

I don't know if dist.xml is actually used for packaging. It uses fixcrlf 
for a couple of files (mainly *.sh, *.txt, conf/*, some [A-Z]*) but it 
would be nice, if we would also transform the above mentioned.



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