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From "Christophe Pierret" <>
Subject RE: max number of concurrent requests
Date Sun, 16 Dec 2007 20:34:30 GMT
Depending on the HTTP connector you use (may be basic HTTP, APR or NIO) and whether you use
the comet API or not, the limit to number of maximum concurrent long-lived connections in
tomcat may be very different.
In my experience, the most scalable is with:
1) NIO + comet or APR + comet
2) APR or NIO without comet
3) standard HTTP connector

The OS you are running onto has also an impact.
For example, with standart HTTP connector (default one) on a Linux Red Hat 4 , dual cpu box
with 2Gb of RAM (under VMWare), we managed to run a successful 3000 concurrent HTTP requests
(long running HTTP requests) at a customer site. The same box under Windows was behind, but
it may due to our inability to tune it?
We had to tune the linux system and the JVM to reach those numbers, but your load may differ
from that of our application and you may get very different numbers: plan some testing ahead
The system limits you usually bump into:
1) max number of threads per process
2) max memory per process (use java option -Xss to reduce thread stack size and -Xmx to up
the java heap size, tune the corresponding system limit)
3) max file descriptors per process
There are many others that I don't have at the top of my mind right now...
Type "man ulimit" at your linux prompt to get some more hints.

Using comet + NIO or APR, you may break these barriers by not using one thread per long-lived

I hope this helps and points you to some area of research.

Best regards,
Christophe Pierret

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De : brien colwell [] 
Envoyé : samedi 1 décembre 2007 23:23
À :
Objet : max number of concurrent requests

hi all,

I'm building a framework that needs to block on HTTP requests. That is, 
at some point when executing my servlet, the thread will wait for some 
event to happen. Of course this wait may be very long. Is there a limit 
to threads in Tomcat? Is there a mechanism to yield processing a 
request, and then pick it up later?

Sorry if this is unclear ...


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