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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Time to organise svn - Take 4
Date Sun, 04 Nov 2007 16:10:57 GMT
After some more refinements, the plan to get us from where we are (RTC on a
stable 6.0.x branch) to where we want to be (6.0.x frozen, RTC on a stable
6.2.x branch, and a CTR dev branch) is:

Stage 1
Create a CTR dev branch now.
svn cp

Stage 2
Commit patches to trunk using CTR.
Patches are proposed (via STATUS file) for porting to 6.0.x or including in
6.1.x. Note that these are separate votes. A valid veto for inclusion on
the 6.0.x branch does not exclude a patch from 6.1.x
Releases of 6.0.x will continue.
When we have a sufficient set of features for 6.1.x, move to stage 3.

Stage 3
Continue to commit patches to trunk using CTR.
Do the (unless there is a pressing need - eg a major security issue) final
stable release of 6.0.x.
Freeze development of the 6.0.x branch.
svn cp
Note that at this point tc6.0.x/trunk will be the same as the tag for the
latest stable 6.0.x release

Stage 4
Continue to commit patches to trunk using CTR.
Port those patches already approved for porting from trunk to 6.1.x
Propose additional patches for porting from trunk to 6.1.x
Release alpha/beta versions of 6.1.x
When we are happy that the API of 6.1.x is stable and that the resulting
build is stable, move to stage 5.

Stage 5
Continue to commit patches to trunk using CTR.
Freeze development of 6.1.x
svn cp
Do the first stable 6.2.0 release

Stage 6
Continue to commit patches to trunk using CTR.
Vote to port patches to 6.2.x.
Release stable 6.2.x versions as required

At some point in the future (next spec version, need for an API change,
etc) repeat stages 2-6 to move to a stable 6.4.x/7.0.x branch

Assuming there is consensus around this approach, I'd like to do stage 1
early this week so we can start planning the features for 6.1.x/6.2.x. I
expect there will be at least one more 6.0.x release after 6.0.15 before we
are ready to move to stages 3 and 4.


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