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From "Paul Shemansky" <>
Subject Re: Mavenization (M10N) of Tomcat Build Process - Should Tomcat Be Migrated to Maven 2?
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2007 13:42:35 GMT

The last thing that I want to be responsible for is introducing a
stumbling block for all of the Tomcat developers and users.  This
thread should have also included "Maven 2 - Migrate, Integrate, or

On 10/18/07, Bill Barker <> wrote:
> I'm pretty much going to agree with Costin on this one.  I have no objection
> to having a maven build as an alternative to the ant build (assuming that it
> can do the same thing, which I don't really believe without seeing the pom).

I agree, "replacement" is no longer an option at this point - perhaps
in the distant future.

> But most mavenized projects that I have see (e.g. apache-commons) seem to
> spend much more time on the pom then on the actual module code.

FYI - I love writing code, and honestly I don't like being tied to
build processes. :)
However, I feel that Maven 2 is finally coming to fruition and believe
it would be nice to incorporate it.

> And most of  the look-feel of mavenized project's websites frankly s*ck.

I agree, but most of those sites do not even attempt to add style to
the default generated site.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (and
is in the hands of the CSS writer).  If desired, the generated Maven
site wouldn't even have to replace the current site, but could serve
as an addition to the current site.

> Personally, I consider maven to be a virus (downloading files onto my
> computer without my permission).

With Maven 2, dependencies are all downloaded into your local
repository, and they seem to be more organized than most other builds
which mimic this process.  The current Ant build downloads
dependencies without permission, too. Maven shouldn't be any scarier.

> M1 is difficult to configure to always run
> offline, and M2 is close to impossible.

It is difficult to believe that any developer is usually working
offline.  To me, this is like taking out the Starbucks or
Dunkin'-Donuts coffee drip-line which is attached to my veins.
However, I have not had too many problems with building offline,
unless I don't already have the dependency in my repository.  Maven's
"-Doffline=true" command-line option works well for me.

> > "Costin Manolache" <> wrote in message
> >
> > -1 as well on switching to maven as default ( or back to many source tree
> > 'modules' ).

Maven would not be the default, but running "mvn" or "ant" from the
base directory would both be possible.  Many source tree modules is
out the window, at least for now.

> > But if you want to create a maven build file ( or a Makefile, or
> > eclipse/netbeans projects, etc :-) that builds tomcat - I personally don't
> > see a problem with that - as long as it doesn't require moving code around

Moving code would be minimal, if any.

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