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From "Paul Shemansky" <>
Subject Re: Mavenization (M10N) of Tomcat Build Process - Should Tomcat Be Migrated to Maven 2?
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2007 16:47:13 GMT
On 10/17/07, Costin Manolache <> wrote:
> But if you want to create a maven build file ( or a Makefile, or
> eclipse/netbeans projects, etc :-) that builds tomcat - I personally don't
> see a problem with that - as long as it doesn't require moving code around
> and can play nicely with the current code layout and other build tools. I
> think the 'official' way to build tomcat should remain ant ( at least until
> any potential replacement has a large mileage ), but having other alternate
> build tools can't hurt.

I apologize if I made this discussion seem like an all-or-nothing
dictatorship.  This effort could be a huge all-at-once change, or a
gradual migration towards Maven.  The two can also co-exist well
together, accommodating both Maven and Ant users.  I hereby encourage
all developers not only to vote +1 or -1, but also offer why they feel
that way.  If you feel it should be a +1, but have some reservations
as to "how" it is to be done, by all means share that too.  If you're
thinking "+1, but only if _____ .", please let everyone know instead
of voting -1.

> I'm quite happy using mostly eclipse - I hardly ever use ant ( mostly to
> generate jars and move code around ), the auto-recompilation and fast
> run/debug/hot-replace in eclipse are saving me a lot of time, but if
> something faster emerges I'll try it.
> Costin
> -1

I suppose many of us use eclipse, and any disparate build process in
many ways hinders that comfy, rapid IDE development we prefer to
enjoy.  I agree that the automation the IDE provides is vital to
development, and have found many ways to keep Maven in line with that.

Would you vote +1 for a slightly more refined co-existence with Maven
2 rather than a blatant full-replacement?

Would you vote +1 for full-replacement provided it gives you
unhindered, Eclipse-friendly flexibility?

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